Isolation as a Twin

By Naomi Hyde

For me, being a twin hasn’t really meant my life is any different to those around me but when the world is forced to stay home all day, every day, being a twin does have its perks.

We are both in year 12 studying for our A levels which comes in very handy for those day you just lack the motivation as you know there is someone there to do it with you.

Tests, lessons, exams, homework – I guess we motivate each other to keep going (that and the copious amounts of chocolate we have consumed!)

It’s like having another classmate with you rather than just seeing people through a screen which has slowly become the norm.

The long periods of boredom are also rarely long when being a twin as you always have someone to go on a walk with or go on a picnic or someone to try your many, many failed attempts at baking.

We also decided to begin a vegan and new foods Instagram and blog which has been a great project for the both of us to share. You can check it out on Instagram @_.foodietwins._

Being a twin has made this time in quarantine a lot more bearable and has shown me the importance and impact of human interaction which is so often reflected by your mood.

And seeing how many different types of cereal we can have in one bowl is pretty entertaining as well!

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