How to make the most of your quarantine

By Abigel David


Have you recently arrived to your new student accommodation and already rearranged it 6 times while binging Netflix?

While this may sound like a relaxing preparation for the upcoming year, believe me, if anything it will make you even more nervous and crazy. Truth is, it really is difficult to be and to feel useful while you barely do more than spending your money and time on Amazon & co., trying to buy everything you think you need.

So what else is there to do, apart from all that you have already done anyway?

The most important thing is developing a routine. Not only will this help you get a structure and personalise it before uni actually starts, but it might even lead you to getting things done. In order to do so just collect your thoughts about what it is that you need to /want to do, and as a rule of thumb, do them in this same order.

Okay so routine. But the routine of doing what? Since you are going to uni and (hopefully) have an idea about what you will have to study, it can be extremely helpful to prepare for your courses. This could be anything from making specific vocabulary lists, becoming familiar with the experts in your field, or just simply revising course-related material. This will go a long way when uni starts.

If you are not a tech-person you will find it useful to learn about the computer you will be using the next semester, so that you will eliminate any possible technical difficulties.

As sitting in front of your computer is something you will certainly have time to do later this year, try not to overdo it. Doing some light exercise that your space allows, like yoga or just stretching is a good idea too, as well as picking up new hobbies: drawing, maybe writing, perhaps even illustrating.

And last but not least: food. We all love to eat but if you are like me, you sometimes lack motivation to make any proper food if it’s just for you. Planning your meals for the week, including ordering food, gives you something to look forward to, especially if you have access to cooking. Being in the kitchen is a good way to spend your time and not feel too isolated in your bedroom.

Keep in mind, it is really not worth it to break the self-isolation rules and potentially start your year with trouble.

Use quarantining to your advantage and thank yourself later.