How Isolation Has Made Me Appreciate Cambridge

By Katie-Alice Constant

I have had a complicated relationship with Cambridge during my 2 years so far as an English undergraduate. My first year was a struggle to say the least. I missed home, I felt like I did not fit in due to my working-class background and I found the academic side very tough, it made me feel stupid. I also experienced my second bout of clinical depression.

It all changed in second year, I went on a ‘life overhaul’. I started going to the gym to lift my mental health, I got involved in Cambridge theatre which I love and have met so many creative, funny and lovely people from it. I even gained some academic confidence. You might even say that I enjoyed second year! When I had to leave Cambridge suddenly at the end of Lent term and was told that I would not be returning for Easter term, it made me feel something I never thought I would. I miss Cambridge.

I miss my friends, the busy days filled up with work, theatre, gym, supervisions and formals. I miss the buildings and sitting in Jamaica Blue trying to convince myself to write just one more paragraph. I miss sitting in the silence of the library feeling the pieces of the puzzle for an essay come together, and I miss my eureka moments when reading for an upcoming essay in Costa, and excitedly interrupting my friends to tell them about it.

But I am grateful for missing it all because to me it shows growth. I went from hating Cambridge to missing it because I threw myself into my second year with purpose and joy. My next challenge will be finding that purpose and joy as I prepare for my Easter term from afar.

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