How I found applying through clearing!

By Louise Chase

Hi, my name’s Louise and I am a second year Archaeology and History student at the University of Southampton. Although I originally wasn’t going to be. When I applied to university, like many other students, I did not get into what was my first or second choice university upon results day (actually my second results day as I resat an exam during my gap year).

Which meant one thing: Clearing

And I was surprised by just how quick the entire process was. As soon as I knew what my final mark was, the grades I’d spent years pouring over now confirmed, I was on the phone pleading my case to a range of campuses near and far. Many, like Swansea and Royal Holloway, picked up the phone almost straight away, and an offer appeared in my inbox just as quickly. Others, like Glasgow and Nottingham, hung up before I’d even made it past the automated message.

Even as someone who hates phone calls, the phone interview wasn’t scary; the tutors who called me back later in the afternoon were kind and friendly, and they were super interested in some of the work I’d done in my year out of education. They did everything to put me at ease.

I was at my Sixth Form for an hour just so I could focus on the phone calls and gather suggestions for possible locations from my teachers. One, I can no longer remember who, suggested I look into the University of Southampton for their archaeology courses. With their mythology module in second year, World War One, and Beowulf, I was sold.

It’s been two years since I had my confirmation that I would be going to university, and now I can’t see myself anywhere else. It’s led to so many great opportunities and I wouldn’t change my friends for the world.

Louise can be found at @nerdyarcheruk on Instagram and @LouiseSChase on Twitter.