How Covid-19 has disrupted our exercise regime and what you can do to get back into it

By Georgia Glenn (Instagram: @gee.glenn)

As a first year student, my aim at university was to join a sport society not only to make new friends but also to grow and continue my exercise.

Throughout 2019/2020, the weekly training sessions and matches with netball meant that I could consistently exercise and help my fitness to improve. However, due to the coronavirus, this has now been cut short. I can no longer play outside nor become healthier as a person. Even though I won’t be able to play with my teammates or continue to play the sport that I love, this isolation period doesn’t meant that I can’t get my exercise in.

For me, I wondered how I could continue my fitness. I decided to start doing yoga daily, along with home workouts from various fitness influencers. I’m really glad I started as early as I did because now I am able to con

tinue my health and continue my exercise over a longer period of time, making it more effective. 

Doing workouts at home also means that I can do them in my own time and my own pace which is essential for making sure you are actually enjoying your exercise. There’s no point forcing yourself to do a ridiculously hard work-out if you won’t even enjoy it.

Throughout quarantine, some tips I’ve learnt for exercise is to be happy, comfortable and to remember your end goal. I know that a lot of universities are still giving work through lectures and seminars which is why doing exercise breaks up the stress and allows you to relax.