Greek Life

By Dara Weinstein, University of Chicago

I go to the University of Chicago, a private American university located in Chicago, Illinois. Like many American universities, we have a Panhellenic system consisting of men’s fraternities and women’s sororities. However, unlike large public schools and many universities in the southern US, our system, we only have four sororities to choose from. I am a member of one of these sororities, AOII.

A lot of people have preconceived notions regarding what sorority life is like, and while these stereotypes are certainly rooted in truth when it comes to campuses where Greek life is a large part of most students’ identities, things are often quite different UChicago.

Let’s lay it out, shall we? First, we are not simply a social group. Yes, we have parties, we go to frats. But that is far from the most important aspect of our sisterhood. Some of the girls within my sorority are my best friends. We have traveled together and shared fun experiences. I even writing this post from the couch of my sorority sister’s apartment. But the best way to show how impactful sorority life can be is through the girls you may not be as close to. I have found my sorority to be the best resource for getting through university. If there is a course you are taking or want to take, or even simply a field you’re interested in learning more about, there is sure to be a sister there who is more than willing to have a coffee chat with you, share old notes, or give advice about a professor. It doesn’t matter if that person is your best friend, or a girl you’ve never talked to before. Greek life has provided me with an incredible network of women on whom I rely, that I think is very specific to my particular school, and that I am so glad to have gotten to be a part of.

P.S no, we don’t have a house that we all live in together, even though that is a very real thing at larger universities.

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