Graduate Entry Medicine from a Humanities Degree

By Julia Alsop

When I first considered studying for a medical degree, whilst at the time studying music at Oxford, the responses were very mixed. Predictably most were of shock and surprise that I’d make such a significant change, when I was seemingly so set on music (and I do still love my subject). But many were supportive and told me they thought I’d be a good doctor (and I hope that’s true).

Subsequently, I’ve come across students from backgrounds from politics to English literature who have started graduate entry medicine courses. If that’s something you’re considering, it is perfectly possible, not as uncommon as you’d think, and places that accept humanities graduates tend to be supportive and helpful with offering extra peer-run tuition, to help humanities students brush up on sciences. And often humanities students get some of the best marks!

It can be a bit of minefield applying and knowing how to go about setting yourself up well in an application, so I will be sharing a few articles on here that can help you understand a bit more. Or, you can follow my Instagram @juliathemedic where I share information on this.