Forming A Routine In Isolation

By Hannah

I’m sure I am one of thousands of students when I say that my daily routine has been thoroughly muddled as a result of recent events. COVID-19 has entirely turned my surroundings upside down; from hurryingly moving out of university back into the family home- from city to countryside, it is no surprise that I have been taken off guard. Hopefully a few of these tips should help you all get back on track!

  • Set a morning alarm- and stick to it!

Too many times during this period, I have found myself sleeping in and giving in to the urge to delay my day from starting. Of course, keep this somewhat realistic- perhaps similar to what you would do during term time at university. When I was at university, I would typically wake up at 8am.

  • Try to mirror your morning routine as much as possible

This might be quite difficult without interaction with your old housemates. But modelling your old routine should put you into good habits (if you had them previously)! If not, well this is a great time to change that. Whether that was showering first thing, eating breakfast, going out for an early morning run- it’s most important to do what works for you. Too many times I see people feeling guilty about not appearing ‘productive’ during the mornings. But you know what? That’s okay! Many people I know are way more productive in the afternoons and events. Work when you like- there are no rules here.

  • Tidy room, tidy mind!

Make sure your workspace, whether this is your room or a separate study, is clean and tidy. I’ve been known to start clearing my desk mid-study- it can be really distracting! I personally like a really minimalist desk layout. The less stuff on my desk to get in my way, the better.

  • Schedule when you have other activities planned

Do you need to cook dinner, take your dog for a walk or spend time with the rest of your family? Schedule these things around your day to make time for your productivity. Too many times have I started focusing on a task for my boyfriend to drag me away to walk his (very cute) dog.

  • Be realistic

It is so important to realise that these are very much unpresented times. It’s okay not to be on your best form. Hopefully your universities/ colleges also understand this, and have put in place alternative measures for your examinations. Now is a great time to focus on yourself, try learning a new skill, or simply just take some well earned time off. Do NOT feel guilty about not getting as much work done these days. <3

I hope you could all take a few tips from this. Be sure to check out my instagram @_hannah_uob_ to follow my daily updates and posts about student life!

Biomed love, Hannah x