First Year Reflection: What Went Well and What I Wished I Did Differently

By Katie Hazel

Since I have basically finished my first year of university (and, thanks to Corona, it was cut short), I want to take a moment to reflect on my first year. Like many people, going to university was a big thing, moving away from home.

The positives that have come from this year are that I have made some new friends, which is what I needed after leaving sixth form with no one. The friends I made are ones now are friends I hope I will call lifelong. Especially after one of them, Callie, helped me through surgery last summer, and I had not even met her. 

I have been enjoying the free film nights on campus with my friend Charlotte. We’ve seen many of them, from X-Men to the Lion King, Spiderman to Fast & Furious – and it got to the stage where we went for the sake of it, because it felt weird not going. We have also seen Paul Sinha (the ‘Sinnerman’ off The Chase), as he did a comedy show on campus. 

From the course perspective, I have enjoyed the majority of my first year as a BSc Computing undergrad. I have learned HTML and CSS, and Java code for the first time, as well as extending knowledge about IT in business, in which I did in my BTEC L3 qualification. 

There are many extra positives like receiving a scholarship, becoming a course representative, volunteering ambassador, and showing my room on open days – but I want to talk about the couple of regrets I have. 

Because I am not much of a ‘party animal,’ I spent most of my freshers’ week in my room, and watched Friday Night Dinner on my laptop. Despite me adventuring out to the Monday quiz and Friday karaoke, I don’t remember much else. The course part was loads of introduction games and “breaking the ice…”

I also regret not adventuring into Liverpool sooner than I did. I am at Edge Hill University, which is based in Ormskirk, a small market town – but about 30-minute train journey away from Liverpool. And I just never went, until Charlotte and I went to see a movie at the cinema, a day when the free film wasn’t our ‘cup of tea.’ 

The one thing I am going to take into second year with me is go to Liverpool more!