Everything Feels a Bit Weird

By Frankie Higginson

To say that everything is a bit weird this University term might be an understatement.

Lots of classes are online, our social lives are suffering and the rules on what we should and should not be doing at the moment seem to get more confusing everyday - and of course, we are all trying to protect ourself from COVID-19. Sometimes it feels like full lockdown was actually less stressful than this half-in half-out purgatory we seem to be in now. It’s like we’ve had a little taste of normality since March, but things are far from back to normal and everything just feels a bit weird. So, taking that all into account, I think we’re all feeling a bit weird right now.

Of course, these are unprecedented times and universities are still figuring out the best way to tackle the issue as the year unfolds, so things are ever-changing. I know that my uni personally have just switched to online only for October in the past few days. I know that a lot of people have been tempted to go home, but I feel this strange kind of FOMO when I think of going home (even though I think the bins are going out more than I am at the moment!). I do feel really fortunate in a lot of ways since I haven’t been unwell or had to isolate like a lot of other students have and I’m always really grateful that I get along with the people I live with since we’re spending an awful lot of time at home right now.

Is anybody else finding adjusting to the ‘new normal’ at uni quite hard?