English Finalist Day in My Life

By Astrid Franciszka

I usually wake up at 5:45. Not because I’m an early riser or productive in the mornings, but because I am a rower and training often starts as early as 6:00AM. The beautiful sunrises make it worthwhile and by 8:30 I’ve already exercised and socialised with friends just as other housemates are waking up.

After a shower, I’ll make myself a coffee (an essential!) and then get my diary and make a to-do list. English literature students don’t have too many lectures so at about 9:30 I will either head to Sidgwick Site for a lecture or to my College’s café with some work where I will get more coffee…

Lunch is usually something small. I’ll either eat at home or get a sandwich in the café if I’m working there all day. I like working in the café because lots of my friends work there so we can motivate and distract each other.

After lunch I might have a supervision. In third year English, these are usually one-on-one with a fellow. I chose modules that meant all of my supervisions are in College, though in Michaelmas term I used to travel to Clare College for my supervisions. You get assigned supervisors from different colleges when there isn’t an expert in a certain period in your own college.

I normally eat at about 17:40, which is quite early but is when the college dining hall opens for dinner and me and my friends will eat there once a week or so and use it as a time to catch up and socialise. Sometimes in the evenings I will go to a Formal Hall, which is a fancy three course candle-lit dinner. Very Harry Potter. Very quintessentially Cambridge. I don’t really go clubbing much and tend to prefer to have quite relaxed evenings. I’ll either play cards with friends, go to the college bar, or just watch some Netflix in my room. I really appreciate some down time by myself. I normally sleep at around 10:30 in order to be well-rested to do it all again the next day!

Astrid is a third year English student at Jesus College, Cambridge. She has a YouTube channel with over 10k subscribers (Astrid Franciszka) and regularly posts about Cambridge on her Instagram account (@astridfranciszka) .