Don’t Stress It Series: Why it’s Okay To Not Know What To Major

By Gabrielle Vergo  Instagram: notevengabby

One thing that may be confusing at the start of university is choosing what you’ll study. The choices are endless, some people like business while others like more creative stuff like fashion or drama and there’s always a very small group of people in between that are interested in both! It is absolutely okay to not know what you want to study or to be in between about it, whether you’re in your first year, returning or in your last year.  Being a gemini, I for one know exactly what it’s like to be stuck or confused about what I want to study; I mean there are so many things, how can I be expected to choose just one?! I even procrastinated applying because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to study, I had a few things in mind but was never sure on just ONE. I pondered for days and days until I received advice. I was told “it’s better to just start” and at first that was confusing because how do I start if I don’t know which path to take?  Nevertheless, I “just started” and that’s what I’m passing on to others reading this who may be confused. It’s okay to start somewhere and finish elsewhere. Life is very unexpected, one minute we may be interested in one thing and the next we may like another — to be really honest, there is nothing wrong with that. You’ll find your path as you go along but don’t waste your time procrastinating or living with regrets about your future. Try out something and if you don’t like it then you can always look into other stuff.

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