Day in the life of a year 10 student: lockdown vs regular school day

By Maddie Jenkins Woodford 

Hey, I’m Maddie and I’m a current year 10 student (going into year 11) and I got caught in one of the best or worst situations with the school closures depending on how you view it; it could be a tragedy having to organise your learning on your own every day for five months and motivate yourself with GCSE year looming over you and creeping up worryingly quickly. However I’m a get up and go, workout at 7:00am girl so in a way the silver lining for me was that I got on with my three 100 minute lessons each day (which inevitably took far too long because I’m a little bit of a perfectionist). This enabled me to complete the work extensively and in great detail which has left me a little bit more confident about GCSEs 2021!

My school is a regular comprehensive school that prides itself in knowing it has exceptional teachers who all put in 110% effort if that’s even possible. Therefore, I received three tailored pieces of advice regarding my work each day which was extraordinarily valuable and helpful. This is far more feedback than I would get on a normal school day because teachers are usually  manically preparing lessons and teaching, so tailored feedback was a novelty due to the overloaded schedules of my teachers.

Furthermore during lockdown I got a full lunch break rather than a rushed salad, I could have a whole one hour as opposed to 20 minutes to eat and I didn’t have to  migrate across to the other end of school to get to the bathroom to then find a queue. In that respect it was luxurious! However I am mostly looking forward to returning (mainly for the class banter!).

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