Dating in a time of Corona

By Jess King

How is a girl meant to find a guy in a time of social distancing? Yep, I know it sounds trivial but I've been single for a while now and during lockdown any hope of meeting 'the one' seemed well and truly lost.

So, I found a new way. Turns out Zoom dates are actually pretty great. You know how usually you turn up and pretty much know within the first five mins whether your date is a potential or an outright no but then it seems rude to just leave, so you waste an entire evening, spending money on food and getting progressively drunker, wake up with a hangover the next day, with no intention of seeing your date ever again? Well online dating stops all that. You don't have to get ready (well maybe a bit of face prep if that's your vibe), you don't have to leave the house and if your date is a no, well then the internet can conveniently crash. Call me your fairy godmother.

Then there's meeting them. A few zoom dates later, you could meet at a distance. No chance of anyone awkwardly making a move, no chance of accidently spilling a drink over them, no pressure for it to go anywhere and wow if there is chemistry, it almost makes it more exiciting. You fancy each other but you can't touch. The thrill.

So, my advice for anyone single, on the search for love right now, is don't give up. Love can still win in a time of Corona...