Dancing through quarantine

By Samuel Horsch

Dancing or any kind of exercise has always been a way for me to fight boredom or just to have some fun. Learning new dance routines from YouTube has been how I started dancing in the first place. For me the most difficult part during this time is to motivate myself to do things and not just watch Netflix all day. 

By doing regular home workout, stretching and dance sessions, I feel more productive and get more motivated to start studying or cleaning my flat. What really helps me is to set myself small goals, like stretching every day or studying a certain amount of time a day. Starting to learn this choreography made my days a lot more active, because after a while I got the song stuck in my head and were dancing all the time. 

I can really recommend learning a dance routine to everyone, even if one hasn’t danced before!

You can find Sam on Instagram: @samuelhorsch

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