Current Life in China: Recovery From Coronavirus

By Franks Feng

I left Leeds University and went back to China in the middle of March, where the situation was already under control and people started to get back to normal life, a long time after the outbreak in early January. I feel people are still cautious on the street, wearing masks and keeping distance with others.

It is in the central region of Hong-Kong. The whole city is trying to run as normal while there are less people on the street and most of them working at home. It used to be busier but now what I can see is people rushing back home from work and some couples still trying to date each other in the empty shopping centre. Love has the power to relieve people from the epidemic!

There are lots of shops that close early or are under lock down because most of the people try to get rid of crowded places. Before I get into any shop, there will be someone who tests my temperature and provides free sanitizer. No table in the restaurant can have over 4 customers. The whole city is quiet.

Compared with the past, you don’t need to worry about not getting a seat on public transport such as taxis, buses and the underground. I think in a positive way it is good for our environment.

However, when I get off the plane, people are so scared because nearly each international flight may have at least one or two people who caught the virus. It is the most serious journey back home ever. After the medical test, each of us has to self-isolate in a single room for two weeks before you can get back home. Now I have one week left for my quarantine and hope everything will be back to normal soon.

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