Corona Virus as a Mentally Vulnerable Student

By India Thomas

Schools are shut, but I’m still in school. I’m a year 12 student and I’m still in school three days a week because my school deem me to be too mentally vulnerable to stay at home. I suffer from OCD, among other conditions, so my school thought me being at school, my safespace, would be the best option.Being in school during a pandemic is weird!  

There’s normally 1,200+ students but at the moment there are around 11 which is crazy! For me, being here is great – it gives my day some structure and provides a support networkwhich I desperately need. But still, it’s so strange! We all have to sit at least 2m away fromone another and the school is so quiet.

As for Corona Virus, it’s really odd seeing people carry out rituals: not touching door handles, excessively hand washing, moving away frompeople coughing, like they have the plague! That said, part of my OCD is tapping and counting in threes – I haven’t seen others doing that during coronavirus...yet!

I hope everyone else is surviving this quarantine – if you’re having a bad day, I’ve got you a fun fact: did you know that some turtles can breathe out of their bums?