Coping with a pandemic and having high aspirations

By Emma Rowley

I, like many other Year 12’s, have been left in a situation burdened by uncertainty. Will we be okay when A-Level’s come around? Does this effect my university choices? Am I less likely to achieve my goals?

Despite having to move school half way through Year 12 from private back to state school, I thought my life was just about to get better. But it feels like school closures have hindered that. I’ve always been incredibly studious, dedicated to doing well and frustratingly curious; making it all the more challenging to feel like I can still accomplish from home whilst tune out from the events grasping the world. I know I’m not the only one- but we can do this.

From someone who wants to study law at some of the most prestigious universities in the country, it feels like my life is on the line. Law itself is one of the most competitive subjects and many of the plans I had to boost my application have been cancelled. However, we can make the most of this.

I speak from a position of optimism; my mental health had deteriorated because of my circumstances at the private school. It left me isolated, alone and with the feeling like I was only worth my grades. This was not the school’s fault but the environment it presented. I tackled my way through that and now I’ve realised nothing can stop me, or anyone. Not even a pandemic.