Continuing to Achieve

By Daisy Hale

I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of cocooning myself in my duvet for the majority of the day, with endless mugs of tea and feel-good films. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this – sometimes it is very much a necessity for rejuvenation – but what about when the boredom starts to kick in after the fourty seventh episode of friends?

It can be particularly hard to have the motivation to pick up a pen and do actual assigned work – this often feels laborious and too work-like. So, as an alternative, I would encourage you to be proactive. This, although sounding like ‘productive’, does not directly mean crossing off your to-do list. Instead, write down a list of goals; these could be academic or non-academic. Then, see what tiny progress steps you could make within an hour, or a day, or even a week.

For example, if you really want to work in the media, contact a couple of local papers via email to see if you can ask the journalists any questions or send them in articles. If you’re particularly interested in a language, instead of directly revising verb conjugations, find a Netflix series in your language of choice.  You can listen to podcasts or Youtube videos surrounding an area of interest, read books and so on…

It’s often these tiny steps which can ignite passion that shows you where you really aspire to be. If you have a goal, proactivity shows your true commitment. Whilst you have the time, why not try it?