Choosing Newnham

By Lucy Stevens

College decisions loom large at this time of year. Once you have decided your subject and know that you want to apply to Cambridge it is the logical next question you face. I am sorry to say it but no online quiz, no matter how fun, can make the decision for you. It is up to you and what feels right.

The challenge of this decision is somewhat exacerbated in the current circumstances in which open days and outreach events cannot take place.

Some things to consider when choosing:

  1. Location: Where is the college in relation to town and your faculty? Don't choose a college in the centre of town if you aren't prepared to deal with the tourists but don't choose a far-out college if you hate walking or cycling. I chose Newnham because it is opposite the History faculty and is quiet but only a short walk from the centre of town.

  2. Accommodation: Where are the rooms? What type of accommodation do they offer? Do you need an en-suite room, good kitchens, a short walk from the library? I chose Newnham because it had good kitchens, beautiful gardens and all on site accommodation

  3. What feels right? Even if you can't visit, the website and college prospectus can give you a good idea what the college community is like. Does it feel like somewhere you want to live? What societies does it have? I chose Newnham because it immediately felt like a home from home for me. I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, feminist priorities and supportive community in beautiful surroundings.

Colleges have their own websites with resources for applicants and often have an online prospectus. Any questions can be directed to the Schools Liaison Officer’s email account found on the website.

Happy College Hunting!