Chasing Hope in Uncertain Times

By Taylor Hoogsteden

During my sophomore spring of college, I experienced some health issues. As a result, I spent a lot of time visiting doctors, and was physically unable to partake in many social events. However, the one thing that kept my mind off of how bad I felt was my classwork. So, that’s what I did, in full force. Thus, while my sophomore spring was, admittedly, a challenging semester, it did serve as a friendly GPA booster, and I was thankful for this one silver lining amid an otherwise difficult time.

I have been reflecting on my sophomore spring a lot recently, as it taught me two valuable lessons: how to find silver linings during uncertain times, and how, sometimes, a loss can result in a gain. I have applied these lessons to numerous situations I have encountered since my sophomore spring, including the situation we now face. I would like to note that—as the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in immense suffering, economic setback, and global anxiety—I do not believe any silver linings from the outbreak can even come close to compensating for the devastation that has occurred. However, I do believe that, moving forward, it is important to remember that not everything in the world is bad right now. As such, I encourage you to keep an eye out for silver linings where possible, and to hold onto any ones you might find.

So here’s to the good in the world, what little of it there may be; may it last, and may it grow.

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