By Arpita Chowdhury, Delhi University

The minute we are done with writing an innumerable number of  papers for our boards we tie them up with hope of endless dreams and to be particular a hope of being able to make up to the required cut offs and enter your dream college.

I was always told by my well wishers that “you’ll achieve the best” and as they say ‘determination and grit takes you up to your destiny’. Finally after all those queues, all the running and waiting I was able to get into one of the best colleges of India. The first things people do before college starts is buying clothes, shoes, makeup et al. But to my surprise, I was more excited about the metro journey and believe me, it gives one a different kind of freedom. Then, the day comes when the gates of your college welcome you to the journey called LIFE.

To talk specifically about my college LSR is a surreal experience, it still gives me goose bumps when I enter and trust me I experienced the love, enthusiasm and warmth of my college in just the first week. 

The most important issues that students counter with is making friends. One starts wondering how can they find their Rachel, Phoebe or perhaps Ross in someone?  Coming from a co-ed school I was a bit skeptical about an all girls' college. I quickly discovered that new people can be amazing.

To finally end my experience I would quote Dalai Lama “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.”

I wouldn’t state that I’ve figured out everything in this new life but with a fire in my heart I strongly believe that I’ll somehow make my way.



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