Bye Bye Uni

After weeks of lockdown, working online, away from your friends - it must feel like such a relief.

Once you‘re over the buzz of exam-free life, some of you have been messaging in to say it has hit you. The big questions: NOW WHAT?

I remember having the exact same feeling. I’d finished my finals and no more studying felt like dream. My friend Sophia came to stay and we went to our last summer ball: a night of fancy food and drink, partying in to the early hours. As we walked back to college for the final time, the sun was rising, my flower crown was hanging lopsidedly off my head and I was still buzzing from the free-flowing bubbles.

Sophia, who was now a teacher, headed on a train back to school to teach her final lesson of the term (legend!). I, still being a student, flopped in to bed.

When I woke again at 1pm, I looked around at my strewn dress, the eyeshadow kit split across the floor and the empty bottle of prosecco. PANIC set in, NOW WHAT?

The reality is we all go through this. Up until uni many of you have been on a path. Get those GCSEs, smash those A Levels, get into uni, get your degree. Once those milestones are behind you, it can feel like it’s all up to you for the first time. What do YOU want next? That question is a big one.

Before you rush in, allow yourself a little time to adjust: take some days off, go for a walk, reminisce with your friends about all the great times at uni, revisit your photos, spend some time with your family, treat yourself to a little bit of time doing what you love; read that book you never had time to read, paint a picture, catch up with your friends who went to uni elsewhere, bake a cake, do some yoga - sometimes stepping away is what you need and once you’ve done this you’ll be ready to face the next set of decisions which face you.

More on the next stage coming soon but YOU HAVE GOT THIS!