Being Time-Travellers

Laura Honey

In the film About Time, Bill Nighy can time travel. Pretty clever. What does he do with his gift? He reads. Really clever. As an English student, I’d do exactly the same. It’s a fantastic idea. But recently, I’ve had lots of time to rewatch, rewatch, and, rewatch  films (don’t tell my tutors). In the film, Bill offers his son some advice: live each day as if you have lived it before. Watching it this time round, this felt so poignant.  Maybe Bill actually did time travel back to send that message to us now…He’s calling for people to relish in the everyday. Walk down the street and breath in the buzz (without the fumes), take in the landscape of the place where you belong and chose to be. Be the five-year old that talks to other people simply because they’re interesting, rather than self-consciously hide behind a screen. Look around lectures and offer a smile or some words to the other people who love your subject too.

I loved my first two terms at university for the beautiful mash up of everything it was, but I wish I’d held back a little bit less. So, I’m taking a leaf out of Bill’s book and (not time travelling – sorry to disappoint) I’ll be seeking out the little and the big. I’m finding things to appreciate, whether it’s simply stopping for a second to look around me, or seeking out the crazy, scary, and new. You’ll see me next term standing in the street smiling like an idiot and embracing the time-traveller in me – I hope you will too.