A Sad Goodbye

By Millie James

The situation in the world right now is horrific; it is impacting everyone differently but as the government said 'if your life is normal right now, then it shouldn't be.'

For students, one of the biggest changes is leaving school/uni at the end of term with no idea when we'll be returning.

As a first year student at Cambridge, my experience so far has been everything I ever imagined; hard work but magical and I was so looking forward to a dreamy summer spent in the city. This is now off the cards and in this I am certainly not alone.

So, for now I'm going to be holding onto uni in other ways:

Blogging for 'That University Student'

FaceTiming uni friends

Scrolling through my pics and happy memories

Sharing my experiences so far with my family who I've barely seen since starting (we'll be together a lot now!)

Staying motivated - my degree may seem uncertain at the moment but I'm determined to return to Cambridge, on top of my studies!