A Pandemic Leading Me Away from Leeds

By: Gabrielle Vergo

Instagram: notevengabby

Weird title right? Ironically enough, that’s exactly what my current situation is. It all started last year, I had no idea how I would get there or how I would afford it but I had a dream. That dream seemed pretty simple at first glance, I wanted to attend the University of Leeds and study something...awkwardly enough I didn’t know what I wanted to study either. 

Now let’s fast forward to June 2020, the year where things all went — well I’m sure you already know where it went unless you’re living under a rock and even then you’d be in a better position than most of the earth’s population. That month previously mentioned was when I met someone special and before this turns into a cliché romantic story, I’ll cut to the chase; this person popped up into my life at the most unexpected time and opened my eyes to a lot. Some of what were things like religion, current things happening in the world that I didn’t know about, football and finally taking the chance and applying to the University of Leeds.

Yep, I finally did it. I applied to the university I had always wanted to go and got into the foundation year, rather quicker than expected. Unfortunately I had no time to celebrate, I opened the acceptance letter, saw the tuition cost and immediately my heart sunk. I knew I couldn’t afford it, from the beginning and that’s why I didn’t want to apply. Things already being hard for my family and I financially and then having to deal with COVID 19. What’s worst than getting rejected from the university you want to go to? That’s right, getting in and not being able to afford it; the end result being...well luckily for you, we haven’t gotten to the end yet. 

There I go, looking into financial aid, applying for scholarships, asking family members for help, even trying to start a go fund me and praying...lots of that; while I’m still waiting for an answer on the last part, the other ideas failed and so I’m at the end. My end result being I had to give up my spot at the only university I genuinely wanted to attend. 

I would have been one bad “butt” lawyer or journalist, at least those were what I wanted my 9-5 job to entail in this horrible system set up of what survival as a human requires in society today. 

Luckily, in the meantime I have football to keep me busy, something that special person mentioned before taught me about, however, there isn’t any major dealings with football for women in the place I’m living being it’s a 3rd world country but I’m glad to finally go after another childhood dream I had in which my younger self was too afraid to try.