A Love Letter to Lost Punting

By Astrid Franciszka

As nights get shorter and days get warmer, the River Cam slowly begins to fill up with punts and students trying (and failing) to steer them. Popular with both tourists and locals alike, punting is a quintessentially Cambridge activity. As I sit at home, knowing that I won’t be returning to Cambridge as an undergraduate, I think about the term’s worth of drifting down the river and relaxing with my friends that I have lost.

So, this is my love letter to the future punting I’ve lost. To taking a revision break with friends as we try and paddle away from the stress of upcoming finals. To punting along the backs, being blown away by the sheer beauty of King’s Chapel, and pinching yourself because you can’t quite believe how lucky you are. To punting with beer, cider, or cava in hand in the week after exams finish, relaxing after all of the hard work you’ve put in. To jumping in the river and struggling to get back into the punt again afterwards. To talking with your friends about everything and nothing in particular. To lying in the blistering heat with one hand trailing along in the cool crisp water. To evening punts as the sun sets. To days that we aren’t going to get to spend together anymore.

Astrid is a third year English student at Jesus College, Cambridge. She has a YouTube channel with over 10k subscribers (Astrid Franciszka) and regularly posts about Cambridge on her Instagram account (@astridfranciszka) .