A Level Rollercoaster

By Mille Dunhill

Ok, what is actually happening right now?

Everytime I flick on my phone there is a new update, related to this shambolic Results Day situation.

First up, 36% of students were downgraded, missing out on uni offers, ultimately changing their entire future.

Then we find out unis aren't being lenient because of a ridiculous 'cap' which meant that if they took too many students this year, their funding would be affected next year.

You were told you could appeal using mocks but by then your uni places may have been filled...

Then the protests began, social media campaigns took off, open letters were written, YOU made your voiced heard and WELL DONE YOU!

Because now, the government have done a U-turn - predicted grades by teachers can now be used! WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS!!!

I know for many of you this isn't the end of the problem, some of you have now missed out on offers, some will be forced to take a gap year, not to mention the stress this has put you under.

You should be really proud this week. You have proven young people have a powerful voice and you have used it to create change. Whatever your next step, you have made a difference.