A Fourth Year's Guide to Exeter's Study Spaces

By Claire Isabel

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_vmGwXgNImhyVARzqbcfQQ

May future years use this knowledge wisely when campus finally reopens!All opinions are my own, all maths fairly dodgy.

1)Forum Library. Yes, it’s basic, busy and full of first years (not that there’s anything wrong with first years, I’m just bitter their exams were cancelled). But with threefloors,hidden study nooks and dividers on the law library desks high enough to have a cry behind, this has been a tried and tested breakdown location for generations. 10/10.

2)The Sanctuary. Pros: plenty of space, serious study atmosphere, this study spot has got your back. Cons: limited charging stations. Many a time have I felt like a spy climbing through laser beams trying to get back in my seat surrounded by cables all going for the same wall charger.Also 2/10 for breakdowns, absolutely no privacy. Your business is everyone’s business. Conclusion, 12/10. My maths on that is my business.

3)The Loft. Hard to find, didn’t even know it existed until third year. But the individual study pods? 10/10 could have a breakdown and no one would notice.

4)The Old Library. The what? Yes, we have another library.And bonus-this one has a cinema museum! Remote, usually empty, and you can pop into the museum fora study break (I don’t know why we have one of those either but it’s pretty cool). 8/10 for quirkiness.

5)Learning Resource Centre, Harrison Building. Hiddengem. Roundtables for group study ANDindividual seats(get you a study spot that can do both),computers, and best of all wheely chairs. Downside,two massive flights of stairs separating you from food (-3 points). Verdict: 7/10.

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