A Designer’s Binge-Watch List.

By Sareen Shikalgar, Mumbai, India.

It’s the fourth week of staying in and the lockdown is getting to me. Amongst other things, keeping myself busy at every time possible is one major coping mechanism. I’m sure it’s the same for many of you reading this too. Content Consumption during the Lockdown has been the highest ever. With so much time on our hands, its just easier to binge watch everything that you’ve always wanted to.

Here’s a list of Series / Documentaries to go to when all else fails:

01. Abstract: The Art of Design

Easily one of the best series on design. Once you start with episode one, there is no looking back. This is a series with each episode takes you into the minds of a some of the world’s greatest designers. A dream to watch.

02. The Human Scale: A documentary which introspects into what went wrong in city planning and what happens when you design cities for people. Identifies what cities are now—concrete jungles. And makes us believe that there still is a hope, for our future.

03. Stay Here: A transformation series where Designer and real estate expert, Genevieve Gorder transforms apartments and the lives of home owners.

04. Helvetica: Showcases the history and pornification of the typeface, interviewing leading graphic and type designers around the world.

05. How much does your building weigh Mr. Foster?

This goes without saying, this film covers one of the greatest architects the world has seen, Norman Foster and his unending quest to improve the quality of life through design.

06. The infinite Happiness: This documentary gives you a glimpse into the heart of a contemporary housing development considered to be a new model of success.

07. Koyaanisqatsi: Drawing from its title from the Hopi word meaning “ life out of balance” this renowned documentary reveals how humanity has grown apart from nature. Featuring landscapes and elemental forces, the film gives way too many scenes of modern civilisation and technology.

08. Metropolis: A documentary series exploring cultures of various metropolises throughout the world.

09. Urbanized: Looks at city design strategies urban planner’s dream to watch.

10. Objectified: Objectified is a feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them. What can we learn about who we are, and who we want to be, from the objects with which we surround ourselves?