6 Things You Could Do With Your May Ball Refund

By Rosie Pennycook

The cancellation of May Balls has been a disappointment for us all, especially finalists. Although in the grand scheme of things this isn’t a big deal right now, it’s natural to feel sad about the fun times that could have been had at the high point of the Cambridge social calendar. Hopefully next year some of the 2020 graduates will be able to return to attend what should have been their final balls, and the rest of us will make the most of these amazing events all the more for having realised the significance they hold.

In the meantime, there will (apparently) be plenty of refunds going on! Here are a few ideas of things you could put the extra cash towards, to treat yourself and try to make up for the disappointment:

  1. Save it for next year and go to an extra ball or June Event!

  2. Put it towards a new piece of tech that you’ve been wanting for ages, whether that’s the conveniences of having your own printer, wanting an iPad to make lecture notes on, or anything else.

  3. Buy a couple of things to make your home study space a bit cosier (see my other post about making a cosy and productive study space at home) as it looks like we’re going to be here a while.

  4. Contribute to a Crowdfunder to save your favourite coffeeshop (e.g. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bouldbrotherscoffeesave#start - your future self will thank you for the ‘free’ coffees next term!), or buy vouchers for a local independent restaurant or cafe.

  5. Club together with friends to hold your own mini May Ball once social distancing is done! Think black tie in your back garden, your choice of music (perhaps check with the neighbours first…), and lots of arancini balls and ice cream.

  6. Donate to a charity which is helping vulnerable people at this time (e.g. Age UK, Jimmy’s Cambridge).

Rosie is a 2nd year History student at the University of Cambridge, make sure to check out her Instagram  @studyingatcambridge