Our story
Our story

that university student

from the founder of @thatoxfordgirl

our volunteers' immediate response to the impact of covid-19

If you're a school pupil, prospective applicant or current uni student, we'll keep you
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This is YOUR online campus

Our Story

Oh hey there, thank you for checking in!

My name is Tilly and I founded

'That Oxford Girl', an established FREE platform revolutionising access and social mobility to Oxford Uni, with a team of 100+ student ambassadors writing about the application process, student life and sharing their inspiring personal stories.


I launched 'That Oxford Girl' following my own challenging journey to Oxford Uni:  living with 13 years of undiagnosed active tuberculosis, meant my teenage years were spent with long bouts at home, missing school, away from friends, unable to go out or see anybody and yes, it was rubbish. I yearned to be in class, to hang out on those grotty common room chairs, to nip to the cinema or grab a coffee but and this was a big BUT, I had no choice and that is exactly the situation we all find ourselves in right now. What we do have a choice over though, is the way to approach this time spent inside.

I adapted to a new way of life and you know what, so can you.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, we received so many messages from young people, concerned about the impact on their educational journey. Our immediate response was to bring UK and global campuses online.

Enter 'That University Student' 


School Pupils & Uni Students we need 


Are you a current uni student or a school pupil whose journey has been affected by Covid-19?

If you'd be up for volunteering to write posts or produce YouTube content on anything from the application process, to student life, to changes to your educational circumstances, motivational tips or studying in self-isolation, we'd love to have you on board!


You will be part of an innovative scheme supporting students during this educational crisis, it will be great for your CV and, if you have your own social media channels, it will also be brilliant exposure!

We love to share stories, so if you have one to tell, please do get in touch!

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