Write it Down


Mel Edwards

Write it Down

We're all stuck inside and it seems socialising is off the cards for a while. I generally find during stressful times it's good to talk to someone but right now that circle has become a little limited, with just my family around me and us all being occupied with our various stresses.

So, the next best thing: Write it down

I've got myself a notepad and a pen and I'm just jotting down thoughts, ideas and feelings that come to me which I want to get off my chest.

My pages read anything from 'Jake is driving me mad' to 'Need to: updated chem notes, order topic 3 book, send off application form' to 'Today I felt pretty low, the news is freaking me out.'

None of these problems are solved on paper but just getting them out of my head and onto the page is proving a good way to help my stress levels.