What is Cardiff Uni really like for me?


Toby Culling

What is Cardiff Uni really like for me?

Firstly, I love uni. As much as older people go on about how, “Oh, Uni should be the best time of your life… stop stressing”, Uni genuinely has been the best time of my life. The freedom, the friends, and particularly, how much stuff you can do.

Social: For me, I have come from a small town and moving to Cardiff University has opened my eyes to the world. Being a medic, basically everyone around me has something extra going for them. Some play music, sport, or create art and I have one amazing mate who does all three. I try aspects of their lives for myself, either out of FOMO or just being intrigued. As a result I am doing some activity every day, including snowboarding, hockey and wild swimming.

Stress: I mostly only stress about my future, not my current work. Often I wonder if medicine is actually what I want to do. I just feel like I am diving into the deep end with no ladder to climb out of the pool (unless I drop out making years of my life wasted). You hear horror stories about being a foundation doctor and I just want someone to tell me that they loved their first job after leaving uni.

Yet, I see no reason to stop having the time of my life. So for now Medical School is definitely where I want to be.