What I Miss: Volunteering with Children


Mi Chelle Cheah

What I Miss: Volunteering with Children

In these trying times and with the new term starting with online classes, I find myself missing things I would normally be doing, namely volunteering with children for the Theatre in Schools Project.

What is Theatre in Schools? It's a volunteering project under the University of York Students' Union that organizes interactive drama workshops for children both on and off-campus. We play drama games, make crafts, have storytelling sessions as well as have improvisation sessions where children can come up with their own stories and perform them in front of the others. We aim to nurture the creativity of children and offer them the opportunity to express themselves through drama.

It's tiring, yes, but upon reflection it made my university student life happier and more colourful. We've been able to offer these children a chance to be creative and a chance to learn about other cultures. I've met friends for life, gained new skills, and tried things I never thought I'd do. I even had the opportunity to lead a session on a Malaysian fairy tale!

The excitement and the sparkle in their eyes, the giddiness as they pretend to be animals, as they win the next drama game, as they put their own creative spin on the session's craft…...As I'm stuck indoors writing this I miss these lovely moments more than ever and I can't wait for when the project can run its normal activities again.