To all the Students who Feel Discouraged


Lora Schuster

To all the Students who Feel Discouraged

6 Years after my teacher told me I wasn’t good enough, I graduated with one of my schools highest Abiturscore  and got into medicine at age 16.

Believing in yourself can be really hard, especially if people you´ve trusted want you to fail. Sometimes it´s ok to fail an exam, to feel like the world is falling apart and wanting to give up (can´t even count how many times I´ve been there).

That’s what breaks are for, distance yourself from unhealthy people, remain true to yourself and remember what a badass you actually are and what you are capable of!

Developing self confidence and a strong will (even if it takes a lot of time, patience and other sacrifices) is something nobody can ever take from you.

I´ve never compared myself to others, rather prefered focusing on how I can improve myself and my scores. Don’t hesitate to ask others for help, nobody's perfect, there's still so much to explore.

However, everytime I failed an exam at uni, the fact that my parents and friends expected me to get high marks, made it feel as if I had not only failed myself, but also my family and friends. It felt horrible!

What has helped me was reading books about extraordinary female physicians who didn’t fit the mainstream and who never gave up, talking to loved ones, cooking, sports and avoiding unnecessary distractions (phone,etc.) when having to focus again.

Remember that the pain we´re going through as students is just temporary but a degree is something you´ll be proud of for quite some time.

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