The Uni Bubble


Elise Waterman

The Uni Bubble

So at uni we had quite the little daily routine going. With my new friends, we’d have a tea break in my room at 11, lunch at 1 and dinner together at 6. Plus usually chill in someone’s room from around 9.

Obviously that routine is now impossible you would THINK.

But no, we’ve decided to keep it going. 

From Monday we've set up a calendar:

11am - FaceTime tea break in someone’s room - each day a different person will be the host and they'll come up with a little activity e.g yoga, quiz, book club

1pm - we plan to make our lunch over FaceTime and all sit down to have it together

6pm - we'll do the same for dinner. Everyone will talk through what they’re making. We won’t do this every night as some nights we'll eat with our families but that’s just like at uni - not everyone eats together every evening

9pm - some evenings we plan to  book in movie nights and watch the same film simultaneously

In between this we’re going to study like at uni and have moments of down time on our own.

It’s going to be our uni away from uni - our uni bubble.