The New Normal

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Sareen Shikalgar, Mumbai, India.

The New Normal

I talk from a place of privilege and a bit of home sickness, maybe? A month ago, I was in my college dorm thinking what to cook for lunch, ugh, Instant noodles? Again? Now, here I am in the comfort of my home doodling myway through life.

Of course, I’m bummed, kinda scared of the uncertainty too. But hey! for someone who’s stayed away from home for way too long, I am enjoying Quarantine. Pajama’s all day, Online lectures, Video calls with friends and home cooked meals. What's not to love?

14th March 2020, I remember it as clearly as yesterday my university declared to stay shut for an indefinite period in response to COVID-19. We all packed our bags and rushed home the following day.

As a final year Architecture Student, I did not, in my wildest of dreams imagine this is how I’d spent the last few days of my days at college. I feel all kinds of emotions at once and I swear I miss all my friends too.But on the bright side, I actually get to spend time with my family. Mum tries out different recipe's EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Hasn’t quarantine turned literally turned everyone into a MasterChef? I cannot wait to try out more of her food experiments. The other day we made paani puri (Indian snack) at home and I couldn’t get enough of it. Dad’s been helping around with the cleaning part  and I always manage to cook up excuses to ditch him while cleaning.( I have my thesis submission due, this excuse ALWAYS works). Oh and my sister’s been saying she’ll bake, since 10789 days and has not even stepped in the kitchen,haha! So hopefully one of these days I get to eat a cake? *fingers crossed* 

In the following days, I have my online classes scheduled, I might have my Final Thesis Jury soon. My sistter and I may paint a wall in our room and even glass paint our windows. We’re both pretty bad at applying makeup so we plan to learn that too. Thanks to millions of YouTube tutorials, right?

So basically, lots to come. 

Lots of Uncertainties and lots of hope.

Will keep you Updated! xoxo