The Annual Varsity Match - Netball


Eve Tranter

The Annual Varsity Match - Netball

The biggest event on the sporting calendar of an Oxford student is undoubtedly the annual varsity match, in which Oxford teams compete against Cambridge. This year, the annual netball varsity match was held in Oxford, making my first varsity a little less daunting, as we had familiar facilities and most importantly, a large crowd of familiar faces!

For the whole of Hilary term, we trained hard with the aim of winning varsity in the back of our minds; training 4 times a week and playing our weekly BUCS matches. Uni sport is a big commitment, but it forces you to manage your time effectively and most importantly gives you a break from studies. It’s great to have a team as a support network for when things get tough.

Varsity match day was really exciting, the 3s played first, then 2s and then finally the Blues match, which was the deciding match for which uni was to be crowned varsity champions. Oxford won the blues match by 13 goals and my team, the 3s, won our match by 3, so we were therefore crowned netball varsity champions 2020.

Afterwards, we had match tea in which our family in friends were invited, and then in the evening a club meal to celebrate our victory. For other sports, the day is run in a similar way.

Netball has become a family to me, I’ve met friends for life from different colleges and year groups that I perhaps wouldn’t have met otherwise. University sport is such a great way to keep playing sport to a high standard whilst having many university sport wide social events (such as the Sports Ball) and a team you can count on! Alternatively, you can also play a large variety of sports for your college, which is a more relaxed way of keeping up sport in uni without as much commitment.