Studying Solo


Nicola Pearce

Studying Solo

So, lectures, seminars, group study sessions and socialising have all gone out the window in what feels like a matter of minutes. This is the world we find ourselves in right now and it's looking like it will sadly be sticking around for a while.

If you're now studingying solo, how can you be most productive?

* Plan - give each day a structure. Endless lonely days are no incentive for anyone but if you wake up each morning with a plan for the day ahead, it will help you forget that you're stuck in your bedroom and give you some motivation.

* Find a work space - ok, none of us can move far right now but try not to work in bed for instance. Even if your desk or table is a few steps away - define an area for chilling and one for working. Your commute to uni just got really short...

* Breaks - just because you're indoors with nothing to do, it doesn't mean you don't need to define time to switch off. Intersperse your day with study breaks - meditate, do some yoga, do a work out, call a friend, have a cup of tea with your family - whatever you do to relax.

* Get it off your chest - get on FaceTime and chat to friends about how you're feeling about the current sitch. Sometimes just ranting about it, saying how awful it is and discussing how you're coping can help you feel way better!