Staying Productive During Crisis


Abigail Joyce

Staying Productive During Crisis

If you hadn’t noticed, the world is in chaos right now. Everyone globally is being impacted by COVID-19 and the unprecedented nature of the situation means that maintaining normal habits and balance is near impossible. Yet I still hear students (myself included) angry at themselves for not being able to work as hard, or for as long, or focus as much, during this time. If you take anything away from this: it is absolutely acceptable not to be productive right now. But if you’re in this position and want to make the most of studying at home, here is what I’ve found to work over the past year.

1. Space

If possible, find a space in your house where you can work with minimal distractions and have access to all the resources you need. Having a good source of natural light e.g. sitting next to a window can help you feel more awake while working.

2. Noise

Sometimes noise is unavoidable. If you’re like me and can’t work as efficiently with background noise, search Spotify or YouTube for study music or ambient white noise. It blocks out external noise without distracting you with lyrics, and allows you to be more focused during study sessions.

3. Distractions

You’re probably tired of hearing this, but put your damn phone down. If you need, apps like Forest allow you to control the time you spend on your phone. There’s a plethora of apps available online to block social media websites and prevent you aimlessly scrolling.

4. Intentions

Make a to-do list. Don’t fill it to the brim so it’s impossible to complete, but don’t fall into the trap of letting one task fill the day and spend 5 hours on a 40 minute lecture. Apps like momentum, win the day or Notion can be ideal for setting long and short term goals.

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