Stay Connected


Jessica Roberts

Stay Connected

Suddenly being away from friends, lecturers and the university lifestyle can make studying from home seem strange and unnatural. Universities across the country have been closed but students still have to carry their learning on at home. For those who are studying from a home with parents and siblings who haven’t been to university, this can be especially difficult. Sometimes you can get the impression that your family members don’t understand the stress you are feeling, so talk to people who truly do understand!! 

Get in contact with your lecturers and tutorial leaders, you may not be able to have face to face meetings but they are still there over email to answer any questions you have about deadlines, current work etc. Don’t be afraid to ask questions through discussion boards because more often than not, there will be somebody else who has been eager to ask the same thing.

It is likely that the friends you have made at university will understand how you are feeling more than anyone, so stay in touch. Talking to your friends over social media can make you feel a whole lot better and it is just as important as studying in these stressful times.

Don’t forget that everybody is in the same boat, so communicate and help each other out!!