Self-isolation Socialising


Jess O'Brien

Self-isolation Socialising

Probably no surprise to you that in Newcastle we LOVE a good night out?

Uni so far has been one big party and I’ve had a blast. ‘Enough partying for a year’ my parents have said and right now I’m pretty glad we went for it because parties are well and truly off the agenda.

Now this situation is horrendous and what’s yet to come is even worse and we’ve got to take it seriously. I’m by no means trivialising this but we’ve all got to find ways to cope and sometimes a distraction is necessary.

So, my pals and I have found a few ways to digitally socialise, we’d like to share with you:

Pour yourself a bev and get on FaceTime

All play the same playlist in the background

Tune into live showings of your favourite artists at the same time - digital gig, yes please

Download ‘House Party’ and socialise with extended friendship groups

Watch TV with a mate at the same time

Get dressed up to stay in - yep, we’ve done full hair, makeup and dresses and then got together for a bite to eat on FaceTime

Host a quiz - my mates Dom & Katy did a Saturday night one for us and we all whatsapped over answers

Exercise together - one of you hosts the class, the rest get your rugs out and follow instruction