Self-Taught A Levels


Ella Clayton

As a year 12 student, this is a weird time stuck in a sort of limbo! I don’t have it as bad as year 11s or year 13s, yet my education is still affected by not being able to go to school.

For me it means I can’t sit my sociology A-level this year, leaving me uncertain as to whether or not I have to sit it next year. It means I have to teach myself months of A-level curriculum for my other 3 subjects- History, Politics and Spanish.

It is hard to try and get the same level of understanding at home as you would get with a teacher, but hard work and perseverance is getting me there slowly. Taking notes, watching documentaries and doing extra reading is important but so is downtime. I call my friends once a day for a break from it all, I read a book, I do some indoor exercise. It is important to keep the balance right and not go into panic mode.

Mostly I just miss the routine of going to sixth form and having this sort of structure, it is a sudden change but it also has made me appreciate the things I had never thought about before. I am lucky I have my own space at home, I am lucky that I have a laptop to work on, I am lucky that I have access to extra resources. And at the moment, that is enough to keep me going.

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