Road to Oxford

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Sanjana Choudhary , India

Road to Oxford

So I anticipated, unless we jump into the pool, conquering all our fears of drowning, how would we learn to swim?

Somewhere in the centre of central India, I pictured a dream. Holding the cloth bound Dictionary with OXFORD carved in capitals, I understood. I understand what I preach, what I wish to learn, I encountered my affinity knowing there was a story in me and it had to be out in the world.

Working on my UCAS application. writing my personal statement I discovered simple facets about my own self which I never did before. Jumping into this pool of thoughts and dialogue and substance, we discover where we belong. This sense of belongingness has helped me all these years yearning to be somewhere. It's an up thrust we all need, it's a push that keeps us going.

Vis-a-vis the global pandemic, the wait exaggerated for an uncertain period for many of us. Whilst the music all around. the shades in the colour palette and a new language on the tip of tongue is more beautiful and accomplishing than half the things in our then-daily-routine.

There are 1.013,913 words in English Language but I could never string them together to explain how much I love the English Language. Hope you learn and yearn new things everyday and have faith in thyself.