Quarantine Life Lessons

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Francesca Bertolino from Italy

Quarantine Life Lessons

I always thought 2020 was going to be my year: I would graduate from high school,make the most of my post-Maturità summer holidays and finally start university. The last thing I would have ever expected was the outbreak of a global pandemic to threaten my plans for the future!

Italy was the first country in Europe to be badly hit by Covid-19 and at the time I imagined schools were just closing temporarily. Little did I know, that Friday the 21st of February would be my last day of high school. I shouldn’t have complained about having to wake up at 6am, my one-hour-long bus ride to school or my Ancient Greek oral test, but guess what? I did and now I am left with nothing but regret.

Two months later, the country is still on lockdown and doubts are slowly eating me alive: when will I sit finals? How will they be structured? Will I be able to move to the UK in September to start my universityjourney as a law undergraduate student?

No matter what happens, I have certainly learned not to take anything for granted and to enjoy every single moment in life.I have often heard the motto “live each day as if it were the last”, but only now I can fully understand its real meaning. I have realised it is easy to criticise what we have, but do we ever stop for a second and appreciate it? Well, now we have got plenty of time to do just that and to change our mindset. I am positive that, when all this is over, we will be able to see the world from a different (hopefully better) perspective.