Prom Date


Soph Skidon

Prom Date

It seems kind of silly now but all year I've been looking forward to our year 11 prom. The first proper event I'd ever go to, where I could put on a fancy dress, a pair of heels, do my hair in a special style and even, just maybe, have a fit guy hanging from my arm...(a girl can dream!).

Now let me tell you, the pressure to have a date at prom is HUGE. Pretty much every conversation since the beginining of the year in our common room has revolved around who is going with who. For those who have managed to bag a date, the sense of relief is huge. It doesn't even matter who it is, your classmate, friend, neighbour, the random guy you met once at a gathering...they are all some kind of status symbol.

So I was seriously freaking out when Easter was drawing nearer and I had NO ONE to go with. I'd watch on enviously, as the girls in my year described how their dates would be coming to their house first, bringing them a corsage (tacky, yes...but also tradition!) and no doubt swanning into the building with them, looking like the perfect couple.

Then Corona hit. Our prom is now on zoom. Not a single person in my year will be able to have a prom date hanging off their arm - social distancing prevents it. And whilst I'm gutted prom isn't happening, a tiny little part of me is a little smug. What a waste of the year 11, spending every waking moment focused on some guy they'll probably never even see again...or until the hunt starts again in year 13 anyway...