Ode to the Bullring


Sara Khan

Ode to the Bullring

Ok, so usually right now, I'd have had morning of study/lectures etc., and would be meeting my friend for a little coffee and mooch in the Bullring, to get our outfit for the week's night out. In the world we're in now, this feels totally trivial. The world has changed this week and so have all of us (I hope) because if you've still been heading out, shopping for unecessary items then you SHOULDN'T BE!

Boris' message has drilled into us the importance of being HOME.

& whilst I'd love to be wandering around the Bullring, perusing the shelves, sipping on a latte, we have no choice. 

Young people are not invicible, we too can get this awful illness and it can be serious for us too. 

So I urge you to stay INDOORS! Say BYE BYE Bullring, hello online shopping and preferably start supporting all those independents who desperately need your help right now!