Never Lose Faith


Tessa Qi

Never Lose Faith

To be honest, it was really challenging for me to get into uni in the first place. Back in my high school, they only offered a few options at A-Level and most of them were mandatory, like mathematics. Other remaining choices were something like physics, chemistry and accounting. Even though I chose physics, let me tell you, I did not enjoy a single minute of it! It was just not my thing and I was so bored during class. (No offence to those who love physics, of course ;D) My only obsession lies within books and literature. So, I decided, why not pursue what I love instead?

The thing is, we didn’t have any English Literature or Language course available at school. So what did I do? Yep, I studied the course all by myself. What made it even worse was that the year before, they’d changed all the course materials and everything was brand new. No past papers. No teachers. No idea what I’m doing. Not a clue.

For someone who had never written a proper English essay in my entire life, the exams were impossible for me. I’m not even ashamed to say, I got my first ever ‘U’ in the first exam. Now, you all know what this means. It would be fair to say that even my teachers didn’t think I was ever going to make it. Ha, how I’ve proved them wrong!

Long story short, I made it in the end, taking baby steps and damaging lots of brain cells in the process. It was totally worth it though. I just want to say don’t give up easily on something you truly love; don’t let anyone else tell you what to do. It’s your life, you make the choices. Even though it might seem hard at the moment, when you look back over time, the experience is just invaluable. Believe me, if I can get into one of the best unis, even though I started out with a ‘U’, you can do it too!

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