My mum lost her job

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Ali Mertock

My mum lost her job

The first few weeks of lockdown were a rollercoaster. Every night the government was announcing more and more measures about the new rules we were going to have to live by. It was shocking but it almost didn't feel real. I became addicted to my news apps, constantly refreshing to see how the world was rapidly changing but barely connected what this meant for me.

Words like 'furlough', 'social distancing' and 'self-isolation' made me feel there was a plan in place, like maybe it was going to be ok.

We go through life thinking yes it's happening but it won't happen to me.

And then it did: already living in a single-parent household, in a tower block in the centre of London with two siblings, I guess life wasn't exactly a fairytale before lockdown but it's the only life I've ever known. My mum works super hard to give us the best possible future but suddenly that's all changed. 

Mum lost her job and the stress in our flat is real.

She's now desperately applying for supermarket/delivery jobs to get by but life isn't going to be the same and I hate this horrible virus for that and for all the lives it has ruined and taken.

The worst bit; it kind of feels like the it's going to be causing problems for a long time to come. Our family friends who are on furlough are freaking out by mum's situation; they know that next it could be them. Soon our whole community will be at home - something they've probably dreamed of but I know unemployment isn't the dream.

Hope any of you finding yourself in this situation are doing your best to power on!